Handmade for Good

  • Sterling Silver Life Ring Necklace by Bethany Ericson

    Life Ring Necklace

    I'm offering you a life ring. Wear it to keep yourself afloat, give it to a friend who could use it. Wear it in the name of those who attempted to flee by boat, and those who didn't make it.

    Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee, a four-star charity on Charity Navigator. For the first time, the IRC has launched an appeal to also aid refugees in the U.S.

    Sterling silver life ring pendant on 18" sterling/fine silver plated chain (diamond-cut rope chain, 1.2mm thick). Lobster claw clasp.

    Only four available, order yours now!


    Currently shipping to U.S. only.

  • Sterling Silver Nasty Necklace by Bethany Ericson

    Nasty Necklace

    The morning after Trump called Clinton "such a nasty woman" during the US presidential debate, I got out my saw and made myself a NASTY necklace. I had so many requests for that necklace in the first week that I began to harm my arms sawing.

    So, after a break, I carved a new NASTY necklace in wax and made a mold of it. Now I can make them for you and all of your nasty friends!

    Sterling silver NASTY pendant, about 1" x .25". Sterling silver 18" ball chain with lobster claw clasp. 10% of proceeds goes to Planned Parenthood.


    Currently shipping to U.S. only.

  • Sterling Silver PERSIST! Necklace by Bethany Ericson

    PERSIST! Necklace

    When Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced in the middle of a speech criticizing attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delivered the line: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

    Wear this to remind yourself and others that we must persist in the face of discrimination and continue to fight for what is right. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to Elizabeth for MA.

    Sterling silver pendant on 18" sterling silver chain with lobster claw clasp.


    Currently shipping to U.S. only.

  • Bronze RESIST! Pin by Bethany Ericson

    RESIST! Pin

    Because sometimes a winter hat is just too hot. I tried to keep the cost down on these pins by making them in bronze, which was new for me—and fun. The cat is molded from an antique button—the fiercest Victorian pussy I could source. The pin is steel.

    Ten percent of the proceeds is going to Emily's List, an organization that "ignites change by getting pro-choice, Democratic women elected to office."

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